Das Weltkulturerbe 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage 

                              Der Weltkulturschock                               The World-Cultural-Shock

Blackmail or necessity, that is the question!

Free English translation on 15 November 2021.​


The German-language document you may find here!

1) First of all, it will have to be ensured that King Juergen will take up his intended official residence in Copenhagen at Christiansborg Castle in order to be able to get out of the immediate "mess"!

He will be the one to move the big pot!

Furthermore, please, very few, but seasoned independent young German women from politics and business will have to join the King's circle.

Should Emperor D. need a seat of office on earth, Eutin Castle would be a good and safe thing, which my person would then also prefer.

2) My person and the person of my life companion also need at least some protection in the matter, in that the residential building Am Aehrenfeld on the first and second floors, in which my person resides, will be vacated without delay and all of these flats may be used as condominiums, whereby an expropriation of the landlord is in the offing, or must be settled fairly.

Clear instructions are already in place for the current first and second floor tenants to move to another flat and residential area!

My person will set up the attic flat on the left and right* as an unsaleable condominium. My partner (Prince W.) will receive the currently rented flat as his non-saleable freehold flat.

My sister will receive the middle flat on the first floor as her unsaleable condominium, with the Hanseatic City of Luebeck paying the moving costs. The other ground floor flats will pass to the current tenants as unsaleable freehold flats.

Furthermore, a suitable villa in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg  in the street "Schoene Aussicht" should be made available as a property of mine in order to be able to take further steps, whereby a current neighbour already named from the first floor, Mr. S. K., is also to set up home in the immediate vicinity of my villa.

The costs of the villa as well as the running costs for possible repairs to the villa are borne by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

3) Furthermore, the already mentioned allotment gardens in Hohewarte II will also be asserted as a respective claim of ownership of the just mentioned three persons divided up, in that the already announced previous tenants as well as their immediate neighbour will change to the allotment gardens of Hohewarte I, Lilienweg intended for this neighbourhood at times! 

This already named neighbour will please come once a month to the double garden currently cultivated by them and will exclusively do the necessary gardening work there for my sister's person.

4) Should my person's pocket money  be received in full, then renovation of the existing cottages of the two aforementioned double gardens of the allotment site would be a possibly important component in the matter.

*Please get moving without delay, as the heating pipes here in the house are already being abused to smithereens by anti-social behaviour and so much more.

For a very long time already, people have been living high on the hog, especially at the expense of my person, and this will become very expensive to unaffordable for everyone!

You and others also live high at the expense of many other people as a matter of course!


Nevertheless my person hopes that you and others who are interested in the universe will continue to ask such reasonable questions or even better questions as in the book mentioned at the beginning, by which also a layman can read and understand the knowledgeable content!

06.10.2020/ * 15.11.2021/  01.10.2023*. 

*The consequences because of abuse in the matter within this here evident elapsed period of a year will of course have to be borne by those responsible, which no less than my person will personally point out!